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1040 Cerro Porteño I Love You Cerro We will follow you wherever you go Playlist
1204 Cerro Porteño This Crowd Rules in Paraguay Cerro fans show us their superiority over their rival fans from Olimpia in this FanChant Playlist
2053 Cerro Porteño Because You're My Disease Cerro is more than a team is an uncontrollable disease Playlist
2526 Sportivo Luqueño We Want the Cup Not sure on the lyrics Playlist
2554 Club Libertad Libertad Champion Great ringtone! Champions of The Copa Libetadores Playlist
2582 Club Libertad Goal The best sound ever Playlist
2610 Cerro Porteño Support from Birth Until Death Great ringtone! Playlist
3200 Sportivo Luqueño Soy Hincha de Luque, Vago y Atorrante Not sure on the lyrics Playlist
3228 Club Libertad I Was Champion in Dos Bocas We're sorry we don't have the full recording for this FanChant. If you have it please submit it. Thanks! Playlist
3403 Club Olimpia Passion Please help us with the lyrics if you can? Playlist
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3904 Club Libertad I Carry You in My Soul Not sure on the lyrics Playlist
4550 Cerro Porteño I'm from Working Class Neighborhood A good one to lift the spirits, and so the voice! Playlist
4579 Sportivo Luqueño Luque, You Stole My Heart A beatiful love story narrated by Luqueño fans Playlist
5226 Sportivo Luqueño Come on Come on Luque A great chant from Sportivo Luqueño fans perfect for a ringtone Playlist
5255 Club Libertad The Things I Do for You Not sure on the lyrics Playlist
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